When one hears of a leader, the first thing that comes to our mind is the number one person of an association
or organization. According to advanced learners dictionary is “a person who
leads a group of people, especially the head of a country or organization.

It is indeed true that leadership
is influence and what most leaders have to discover is how to build that
influence and lead others with it. We may have over the year placed so much
emphasis on the importance of influence in leadership but have not dealt
extensively on the key issues that help people understand what the real influence
is and how to keep growing that influence.

It is my greatest desire that basic rules of leadership will help you
understand some very simple but profound issues that can take people either up
or down the ladder of leadership. Some people find themselves in leadership
positions and the next thing they are trying very hard to do is to figure out
what leadership is really all about and a few others, by virtue of what they
have done, have walked their ways up the ladder of leadership.

One basic rule in leadership that so many people are not following is failure
to connect with the people they are leading and they still want to lead them.
If you don’t connect with people it is absolutely difficult to lead them and
that’s the mistake leaders are making. They think people do not respect them or
do not give them the attention they deserve but you should not go about asking
attention from people when you have not connected with them.

In connecting with people, you have to focus on what the people are
going through and what issues in their lives they are trying very hard to solve.
You should show some concern and let them know you are there for them. If
people think you only want them for the things they can do for you then you may
not get the best from them. You will easily get people to respond to you any
time any day if they know you will solve 5 problems for them before asking them
to solve one for you. Apart from being able to solve some physical problems for
them you should be able to listen to them and let them feel you are genuinely
interested in what concerns them.

Stop looking at the strategies you can use to make people follow you or
the things you can engage to force them to obey you. If you focus more on
offering the people something, it will be hard for them not to follow when you
need them to follow you. In politics, any government that provides
accommodation for the people, education for the children and reasonable tax for
citizens and security for everyone will find it easier to get the cooperation
of the citizens.

When you have to lead a small group of people you must personally
connect with everyone and don’t let them feel left out. When you have to lead a
large group you must put in place a system that connects to everyone so that
the people can offer what you are going to need at the end of the day!

Stop focusing on your personal authority or what the books says you can control
or cannot control. Just connect with the people and you’ll find it a lot easier
to lead if you ever connect with people. If you are a leader, start out today
by showing some great interest in what your people’s issues is. Ask questions
and make sure you are really listening! When you connect, you will lead!

However, leadership can be summarize as


L – Lovely                                        E
– Energetic

A – Adaptability                               D – Diligence

E – Endurance                                R
– Responsibility

S – Sacrifice                                    H
– Honesty

I – Indispensible                              P – Patience


  • Understand the motivations:
    Don’t assume you know what people want. You really have to understand why they
    are participating and what they hope to get out of it. If you have good
    alignment amongst the members, then members will be motivated to participate.
  • Craft a good set of goals:
    Once you understand what people want to get out of their experience in the
    group, it’s best to set up the goals that the group can largely agree on. Once
    the goals are established you can set up a great set of activities to support
    the goals.
  • Plan some great

    Once the goals have been agreed upon, brainstorm with the group to find a great
    set of activities to accomplish your goals. The best ideas rarely come from one
    individual solicit opinions from group members on what to do and how it should
    be done.
  • Keep everyone on the same page:.
    Groups can quickly dissolve from lack of activity and communication. When it
    comes to people’s increasingly busy schedules, their personal lives often take
    a back seat to that urgent thing that regularly pops up. Direct and indirect
    communication is the key to maintaining cohesion in the group, particularly as
    everybody has their own time.
  • Delegate:
    Nothing makes members feel more involved in the group than when
    they take ownership. When leaders delegate they not only reduce their workload,
    but also get much needed “buy-in” from people who are involved in the process.
    When there are problems, don’t think you have to solve them yourself. Sometimes
    the critics are the best people to address the problems they are bringing up.
  • Lead by example:
    Again, there are tomes written on leadership and no one article can summarize
    what it takes to be a leader. Pick the leadership style that works best for the
    group. Every group is different and has different leadership requirements.



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