Attitude: The Key to succesful human relation.

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The important of ones behavior cannot be over emphasize, people can easily judge us with our character in the first instant, not even thinking of given us the second chance and that can cause one a lot damage or goods if judge positively or negatively.
According a dictionary meaning, attitude is a mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. Attitude can also be describe as ones personal view of something, that is an opinion or general feelings about something. Attitude can either be conceived as a positive or negative one.
For one to be successful in this life a lot of things are involve and ones relationship with other members of the society determine the level to which ones life may be a success or not, this can be seen in some who live his life and cannot point out one good thing he has used to influence people or what he has gain from the people in the society particularly his immediate environment. Therefore behavior, ones attitude play a vital role here as it aid the members of the society to have negative or positive perception of an individual even without relating with such an individual to get his clear picture.
However, the power of attitude cannot be over emphasized, for the fact that it is a weapon to lead ones life successfully even beyond ones imagination. At this juncture, I will like to illustrate testing the power of attitude and why it should be the key leading to a successful life with the 26 English alphabets and the first 26 numerical figures, where A=1, B=2, C=3

1 B
2 C
3 D
4 E
5 F
7 H
8 I
9 J
10 K
11 L
13 N
14 O
15 P
16 Q
17 R
19 T
20 U
21 V
22 W
23 X
25 Z

The table above will help in analyzing some concepts which affect us in our daily life in one way or the other, the letters of the words will be represented by numbers and the sum total of the numbers will be taken, and we shall be interested in the whose sum total will give us a total sum of 100. The words include:
 Care
 Love
 Happy
 Money
 Connect
 Endurance
 Educate
 Success
 Hardwork
 Determine
 Attitude
C A R E Total
3 1 18 5 27
I really care for myself, I care for my family, I care about my work, many people will say these, but how much do you care about others? Do you feel what they feel at all? To care means to show concern, caring about yourself, others and so on, others too can care for you but how much? Are you the kind of person they should care for? Care have just 27 out of sum total of 100 we are interested in no matter how people care for or how much you care for others, they will only appreciate you for just one thing how you behave. Your attitude!
L O V E Total
12 15 22 5 54

LOVE: A strong positive emotion of regard and affection for somebody or something, as a human you must have something or somebody you have affection, a guy will love a lady, a lady will love a guy and so it goes on, the love can be a serious one hoping to result in a matrimonial life, for the fact the sum total of love is just 54, this make us to understand that the missing 66% include caring, endurance, hardworking, happiness and above acceptable behavior, and that will go a long way in determining the level at which the love will last.
H A P P Y Total
8 1 16 16 25 66

M O N E Y Total
13 15 14 5 25 72

MONEY: Is a legal medium of exchange, whether young or old you can posses as much as you want in life with your money, it can buy you what ever you lay your hands on, in business the more money you posses the faster you get things done, but the question is can money alone buy a successful life?
C O N N E C T Total
3 15 14 14 5 3 20 74

E N D U R A N C E Total
5 14 4


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